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I released the four track Silent Man EP in 2017. All music is written and played by me, with some lyric credits shared with my partner Sameena Zehra.

Heaven Bound was originally released in 2011, and reissued in 2017. Most of the album was written in India during a trip visit family and to work at an orphanage in Kashmir. It has been a labour of love, bringing together the songs I wrote that summer with my partner Sameena Zehra, and some earlier favourites written a few years ago.

Payin' The Devil his Dues

At The Hot Hob, in Essex

Go Tell Your Other Man
At The Hardtail Blues Club, Leicester
Sugar in Your Coffee

At the Half Moon

Silent Man

This little film has been a labour of love. Sameena's vision, and friends, old and new, who gathered around our song, sang, danced, played, filmed... owned their interpretation of it. It's a love letter to my inner self, to your inner self, to the place inside all of us that knows our true purpose, and encourages our journey towards that purpose. I hope you devour this song- and enjoy devouring it as much as Sameena & I have enjoyed creating it.

Blues Dancers, Glasgow

A recent gig for The Blues Dancers, in Glasgow. It's wonderful playing live as they dance and adapt their moves to the rhythm of the music. I've played for Blues dancers in Adelaide, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It's one of my favourite gigs, and I look forward to doing it in lots more cities in the future.

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