Nothing But the Blues (Solo Blues)
On The Road Again

What better way than a musician’s road trip to discover the delights of the country Mike Dr Blue now calls home. 


Originally from the UK, now based in Wellington, the versatile, talented and award winning, internationally touring Blues & Roots singer-songwriter  brings you old classics, original songs, guitar, harmonica and a 'swinging bluesy pulse to accompany his raw edged vocals' (Adelaide Advertiser). Expect to sing along, tap your feet, and maybe even dance in the aisles as you enjoy an evening of 'Authentic Blues... mesmerising' (*****Broadway Baby).

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Nothing But the Blues (Solo Blues)

Debuted at New Zealand Fringe Festival 2017 in Wellington, this is an hour of rocking Blues, presenting songs from Heaven Bound, along with classic favourites from the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed and more. The musical themes will be familiar to blues fans: soul searching, lost love, distant trains, dusty roads and alcohol!

 ‘...sounds like the bastard son of Tom Waits and Howlin’ Wolf…’ Rob Clarke, Arch1 Blues

‘Mesmerising...would do B B King or any of the other Blues legends proud’ **** Broadway Baby

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Fiery Tongues

WINNER ***OUTSTANDING ENSEMBLE*** New Zealand Fringe 2017

Composer, Musical Director & Performer.

I'm proud and excited to be an integral part of Fiery Tongues, (previously called Poetry Can F*ck Off) a magnificent piece of polemic poetry about the importance of poetry in revolution, in love, in life, as long as humans have had words. Written by the inimitable Heathcote Williams and performed by Roy Hutchins and an ever increasing amount of foot soldiers. 

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Monski Mouse Baby Cabaret

Musical Director & Performer.

A new format, from the award-winning creator of Monski Mouse's Baby Disco, which debuted at Brighton Fringe 2018.

'Utterly delightful' ***** Ed Fest

Irish Jimmy - the one man show

Co-writer & Performer. (Co-written and directed by Sameena Zehra)

Jimmy was my grandfather. He was an old rogue. A warning rather than an example. He lived in interesting times.

This show came about when I realised how much the memories of him and the stories that circulated about him in the family informed my decision to become a pacifist. We live in interesting times.

‘Jimmy’ is 50 minutes of storytelling, interspersed with original songs that is poignant, dark, humorous and life affirming. An exploration of identity, family and how we get to who we become, this beautifully crafted show entertains and mesmerises as you travel through three generations of soldiers & suffragettes, rogues & rebels, songs and stories.

Sweaty, Sexy, Party, Party

Composer, Musical Director & Performer.

In collaboration with the irrepressible John Robertson.

Jokes, live music, the Rhythmatron Mark II. Anything could happen. It probably will.

'Sheer anarchy...Dr Blue, a sage figure' ***** Broadway World

'Dr Blue plays both music and his allotted role as a straight man wonderfully' ***** One4Review


I published my very first poetry pamphlet, at last! I launched it at an evening of poetry readings in Brighton, surrounded by the people who inspired me, encouraged me and were instrumental in getting it to print.

It's available for sale when I'm performing at a poetry gig, but perhaps more importantly, it means I can carry my poems as a handy little book in a pocket, rather than a fistful of assorted papers that fly off at inopportune moments.


Bear North

Composer & Musical Director.

Continuing the exciting and award winning collaboration with Roy Hutchins in this new show, which debuted at Brighton Fringe 2018.

Diary of a Blues Man

I write a regular blog for The British Blues Archive. Check it out here.