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I believe every built environment hums with its own distinct note. It is the background sound a city creates, like a giant wood, glass, & concrete wind chime. 

After an Arts Active Residency at BATS Theatre last March, the time has come to test my theory by calling out for contributions from the people of Pōneke.

I am inviting all Wellingtonians to go out into the urban landscape, listen to the sounds of the city around you and hum what you hear.

Record that hum on your phone, save it as an MP3 with your name, and email it to me at 

What I’m hoping is to create  a love letter to Te Whanganui-a-Tara. I plan to compose a piece of music based on the hums you gift me. And then? The plan is to invite other folks across various mediums; song, poetry, dance, visual art, painting, clowning, knitting, weaving... and anything else we can think of; to join me in creating a collaborative event that aims to celebrate this vibrant and diverse city that I now call home.’

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